Save Money While Travelling In India (Must Know Travelling Tips)

How can you Save Money While Travelling in India

save money while travelling

“Save money in current destination will help you later, to travel at new destination”

I often get questioned as how to save money while travelling in india or in vacation, how to get cheap airlines and how to get hotel in low price when we are at tight budget. After all, money saved at one trip would actually mean More travel, opportunity to explore more location at new destination.

I usually trip after thorough research,

Travelling does not start when you out of the house for vacation, but it starts at same moment when you plan for it.

I had once gone on a 4-day trip Manali and I managed to do it at 5000 Rs only, which included Meals, Round trip expenses and the Hotel charges.

But, don’t think that I compromise on the amount of fun I have.

Wondering how I did that? Here I will not tell you details of that particular trip instead I would tell you with this blog post that how I manage to do it every single time I travel. You might have not realized this, but you are probably spending a lot of money on travel than it’s actual required.

How to save money while travelling in India (Best 5 tips)

So, first step towards to save money will be to choose destination wisely

The world is such a big place that sometimes it seems like an impossible task to narrow down your vacation plans to just one location.

But really, it’s a decision that should be made with care, and with the number of facts to keep in your mind.

  • Figuring out how much money you have to spend will probably rule out several destinations immediately. If your budget is tight, then you will have to choose the destination carefully.

Whatever your pocket allows, on that basis you must choose your destination. Some time it may mean putting your dream destination on hold.

  • If you are on solo travelling, you can handle yourself, but if the family is going with you then you have to take care of their needs too. Many times, other members in the travelling want to do something different at trip, then you need to consider their interest as well as your own.  If you’re traveling as a family, as a couple, or as a group of friends, then it’s important to sit down and have a discussion about what will work for everyone.
  • When you visit a destination will usually determine what kind of prices, weather and Seasonal food you will find. Making assumption any of these could ruin your trip.

The time of year or season you choose might have a large impact on your budget, since price fluctuate depending whether it is high or low season. If you want to make your budget stretch then it is wise to head somewhere in its low season, it would save a lot of money because that time it will have low cost than at peak times.

How to Save Money on Food and Water while travelling in India

Food and water is the most important part of your traveling, either you spend it in the budget or you can spend as much money as you want.

If your budget does not allow you and you want to save money on your travelling, then these things should be taken care of.

Biggest cost saving money while travelling is, not spending money on buying mineral water bottles. In most of the places water bottles are sold at 20 Rs per bottle.

So, 3 bottles a day would cost you around 60 Rs per day.

This cost will go high in summer as you need more water to drink while travelling

Now my money saving hack is to carry one of these that will save your money on Mineral Water

save money while travelling in india

I start my travel with full bottle water and as i keep travelling to places i keep filling this up, usually i fill it whenever i would have my lunch, dinner, breakfast.

In India at any random house if you ask for water they will be happy to give you, that is best part which you would probably never experience it ever in any other region.

It is always advisable to mingle with Locals if you want to save money in solo travel, and we should enquire them about the best places to visit, eat food, go for shopping etc. Even if you know local language then it would be an added advantage.

When you are travelling It’s is better if you avoid your regular favorites. Kadhai paneer and butter chicken are available everywhere.

Choose the local cuisines to save money on travelling, don’t go for restaurant, ask with locals for nearest local joints and dhabas.

This way you will enjoy a plenty of delicious food and that too by not spending a lot on it. Besides, it will help you explore and discover more as a traveler.

Do couchsurfing and save money while travelling in India

Couchsurfing and hostels are two most efficient methods I recommend when you are on solo travelling, by this you can save a lot of money.

In couchsurfing, you find any local host where you are travelling who are ready to accept you willingly. Generally, people don’t charge you for that, but some may charge.

You can try to search on any local host for your travelling companion, that too by not spending a single dime on hotels.

Along with locals, having eat with them, roam around city with them, will give you some better travelling experience, which you cannot even find staying in luxurious hotels.

GREG RODGERS explained Couchsurfing very well & ins and outs for free accommodation

Use Local transport to commute on travel

You should always try to use local transport like Bus, metro carpooling.

By doing this not only you can save your money which you can use it later at other required expenses on trips, but you can get the new dimension of travelling which probably you could have not known while travelling your Ac car.

And I believe as a traveller it is necessary because you then personally interact with locals.

You get to know better their lives(locals), their tradition, how they live, how they work…or as a traveller it completes your journey if you know all these, and you experience a new dimension of travelling.

Signup for Airlines or Travel Newsletter to get discount on your Air ticket

No one likes to clutter up their inbox, but by signing up the newsletter of airlines or travel companies you will be able to get updates about the last-minute deals or special deals happening. I would have missed out special deal for hotels and airlines (in form of cash back ) in my trip to Manali if I was not in the mailing list of Goibibo.

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Some Bonus Tip to save money while travelling in India

  • Enhance your bargaining skills:

Whenever you are going to travel in India, keep in mind that you must also consider “bargaining”.

Most shopkeepers will always charge you higher than its original price, now it had become in its practice to tell you higher and after bargaining they would give you some discount on same price.

But we take it very lightly, as one of answer in Quora by socialchaal

Do you know that most of the products bought after the final bargain amounts to 1/3rd of the actual price?

We Indians are somewhere quite well known with this tip, so as an outsider, it is importantly for you to take this tip quite seriously.

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Final thoughts

I am sure you would have got the answer as how can I save money while travelling in India. yes, this post which most of us will directly relate to.

There is always once instance happens with every traveller, whenever we look something at shopkeeper racks or see something hanging on the shop that we liked it, we definitely try to buy it, no matter how expensive it is. While we may know that we will get it cheaper in our city.

But at that time, it becomes difficult to stop it, it is necessary for you to control your mind at that time. Neither will you save your money, but you will be able to get started for a new journey.

I have tried to outline my personal tips or ideas as how can we save our hard-earned money in travelling when you are on expedition in India. But let me know some more travelling tips through which you would have saved a money in your journey.

So, comment your Saving tips”.

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