How to change/ correct name on Pan Card [Step by Step Process]

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is the most relevant document, not only useful for filing Income Tax return but also hold as a Proof of Identity. At times, you may require to raise a request for PAN Card name change. Reasons could be anything such as Name change after Marriage, Misspelled name in PAN Card. 

But, it is wise to get the details or name corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be one of the reasons for the rejection of PF withdrawal request.

Therefore, relieving you out from this hassle, We’ve compiled a Step-by-step process for Name Correction in Pan Card.

So, follow the steps given below and apply for change or correction in Pan card Name.

Step 1 First, to change the name in Pan card, you need to go to Therein you have to select “Apply Online.”

Step 2 Then, you have to go to “Application Type,” and need to choose an option from the dropdown menu “Changes or Correction in existing PAN data/Reprint of PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN Data).” Select “Individual” as Category. Enter all the details such as Title, Last name/surname, First name, Date of Birth, Email id, PAN number, Citizenship as India and then Captcha Code. Once you are done with all these details, Tap on the “Submit.” 

How to change name on pan card

Step 3  Once you Tap on the “Submit” button, the next page will be displayed with the message. 

pan card name updation

After this, click on “Continue with PAN Application Form.”

Step 4  Following that, you will be redirected on the next “Online PAN application page.” You will find three option of how do you want to submit your PAN application documents.

Select “Submit Digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless)


 To apply for Paperless Process through e-KYC/ e-Sign-

  • Aadhaar is mandatory, and details given in Aadhaar should be exactly matched with the applicant’s Full name, Date of Birth and Gender as mentioned in this application form to authenticate Aadhaar.

Step 5: Edit the details you want to change. For Pan card name change “Update your correct name which you want to update” and then once you have submitted all the details, tap on the “Next” button.

name correction in pan card

Step 6 After that, you will be redirected on the next page asking for the Address for Communication. If you have selected Aadhaar, then you no need to mention any address here, it will pick the same address which is mentioned on your Aadhar Card. Also, the PAN card will be dispatched at the same address.

name change in pan card

Step 7 Fill all the details and give a declaration, mention Place and Date. Then click on “Submit.” Once you submit it, you will get redirected on the page stating all updated details, if all details are ok, then click on “Proceed.”

Step 8 Once you click on “Proceed,” you will move to the next option for “Mode of Payment” wherein you have to pay a fee for this request.

pan card name correction

Step 9 Once you paid the fee and proceed further for the next step, after that, you have to authenticate by Aadhaar (It is a paperless e-KYC process using the Aadhaar OTP).

Step 10 The next page will come up to generate or Retrieve your 16 digits Virtual ID(VID). Click on “Continue with e-KYC/e- sign.”

how to change name in pan card

Step 11 After this, you will receive the OTP on your mobile number, which is registered with Aadhaar. You have to mention that OTP and virtual ID ( virtual id you will get it from your Aadhaar card, it’s 16 digit number). Click on “Submit,” and you will receive the Acknowledgement slip which will be generated. That’s it. You no need to send any physical documents for the e-KYC process.

How to update or correct the name in PAN card offline?

An individual can also apply for Pan card name correction offline. You need to download the PAN Correction Form. Fill out this form and submit it at the nearest NSDL Collection Office along with the supporting documents. Also, you will be required to file a letter with the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer. All the details in the offline form are similar to that in the Online form. Apart from this, there are a few points one should also keep in mind:-

  • This form is used for making a correction in your existing PAN, reissuance of PAN and also for the purpose of surrendering extra PAN Card. So, before filling out the form, tick on the boxes carefully.
  • Once you submit the form, you will get an acknowledgement slip which is to be sent to NSDL office. This letter should reach the office within 15 days of filing the request.

Documents Required for name correction in PAN Card

These are supporting documents which you might be required 

When your PAN Card name change after Marriage

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Invitation
  • Copy of Passport showing Husband’s name
  • Publication of name change in Official Gazette
  • Certificate issued by a Gazetted officer

When you apply for name correction in PAN card because of Misspelling, the following documents may be required

pan card name change documents

So these are the online and offline process on How to change name in PAN Card.

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