How to save money while online shopping in india

how to save money

How to save money while online shopping?Over the last 3-4 years, Shopping websites have caught on in a big way, and have taken place a big role in our society especially with the GEN Y.

While visiting offline store has its own charm, there is something to be said about the ease and convenience of using your phone or computer to search for, and buy something online, pay for it with a few clicks and have it delivered to you.

There is famous saying,

Being frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste-Catherine Pulsifer

First, there were only durables like clothes, electronics, and now even onions and potatoes are available to buy online without stepping a foot out of your home.

With the plethora of E-commerce websites and the competition among them, we are getting the lucrative offers, which is meant to lure the users on their websites but ultimately

Who’s going to save money with these offers? Obviously …. “We”

We all love offers and deals when it comes to shopping. The shopping experience even gets more exciting when we get cashback and discount on it.

With a single click right from the comfort of your couch, without roaming around the market and bargain for best prices, get it delivered on your doorstep, even in some case you don’t need to pay in advance #cash on delivery and it can be returned within 15 days with full refund …or ..what do you want!!  after all you’ll save some money from your own pocket.

Online shopping websites seem to be becoming more and more creative these days to score big with shoppers. However, if you are a smart deal hunter or would just love to get major discounts without a lot of efforts, try using these clever online shopping tips.

# 1 Subscribe the newsletter

One of the easiest ways to get informed about the discounts and offers on products is to subscribe the newsletter, such sites continuously keep update you regarding the upcoming offers and notification about how to save money with discounts as sometimes you may get 30-50% off, like I got huge discount from AMAZON GREAT INDIAN SALE AND FLIPKART BIG BULLION SALE

Certainly, this method will result in clogging on your mail inbox. Though, you can create another email account specially for getting notifications about shopping opportunities.

#2 How to save money with discount coupons

Shopping experience gets excited when you get a Huge discount on its price. Though you shop online, we recommend searching for Discount coupons for the Product, you will get discount coupons easily for any product.

I personally use Coupondunia, Couponzguru, and Some shopping sites accept coupons that you can apply during the checkout for some additional discounts on your final payment.

  • I installed the chrome plugin of Buyhatke that give you best offer while shopping online on Amazon, Paytm, or Flipkart. This extension/app helps you to make smarter shopping decisions via showing you a price comparison, price drop alerts, price graph and coupons or offershow to save money

#3 How to save money with Gift card…

You can buy a gift card from Gift marketplace at discounted prices, one which I regularly use for the gift card is wherein we have a lot of option in Men’s apparel, shoes, entertainment, and Most Favorite Travel Gift card.

Firstly, 100 Rs Gift card is just like a 100 Rs note in your wallet, but what if you got the gift card at Rs 90 or even less?

Many time I have seen on great India festival season, Amazon India was offering Bookmy show gift card of Rs 1000 Rs at just 600 Rs only.

Even on NAFA.IN PVR gift card last which I have seen on their website it was 33% off from its facevalue.

how to buy save online

For some sites, almost 10% of the customers used gift cards to shop online this year.

Going by these figures, it is clear that Gift Cards are here to stay, and it means only good news for the frugal online shopper as great new shopping opportunities.

#4 Earn cashback with cashback websites

 Coupons codes and discount websites are not only ways to save money while online Shopping. Cashback websites Like and offer you to get cashback from 5-7% with the specified link listed on these websites.

Actually, they receive an affiliate commission from the merchant if you purchase from these websites, and from the commission, they distribute 90% from it to end users.

  • You just need to create an account with them and will provide the links of various retailers offers which is currently available for cashback.
  • Visit the websites from these links and purchase online as usual and the cashback will be credited to your Cashback websites account which you can redeem it or can be used for other purchases.

#5 How to Save money from Social pages….

Most of the shopping brands in India are active on their social pages, they usually keep posting deals and upcoming offers on their Twitter account.

  • It may be a good idea to follow Facebook page and tweets of these shopping websites, so you’ll stay in the loop. Popular sites like, Flipkart, Myntra have dedicated pages where they list ongoing offers and you may want to monitor these pages.

#6 Offers, discount on your credit /debit card or wallet

Irrespective of partnership with shopping website, credit card or debit card offers may also be one of the best ways to save money if you follow current trend in online shopping industry, ,your bank may have ongoing offer if you make a payment from their debit or credit card during a particular period, or if your purchase reached specified amount

Like, I saved 250 Rs. with Axis bank debit card when I purchased groceries from GROFFERS of 1500 Rs.

how to save money

#7 Set Price alert

I keep on adding price alert or product on the wish list in my shopping cart after logging my Amazon account.

I do no checkout until I need the product, Shopping websites send notification or emails if the price drops for these products.

This is the Great hack to save money while buying online, you can add the product to your Wishlist with these shopping sites, and many times some good offers may come in your mailbox to induce you for buying this product at a bargain price or with a discounted offer.

After all none of Shopping websites want to lose its customer and would not let go his user with other websites.

At last one more hack, which can save your money while shopping online, that you can wait till any festive season came in.

In holiday season or in the festival, Shopping websites come with the handy price with great offers and try to subside their competitors with attractive deals which could be the best buy for your shopping cart in the year.

These all were the money saving tips through which I regularly save some money either it is for groceries, men’s apparels, or for movie tickets.

I think I have been able to answer your questions to a large extent that how to save money on your shopping cart if you have any money saving tips, which you want to share then definitely share it on comments below.

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