Which are the best large cap mutual funds to invest in 2018? Everybody wants to invest in mutual funds. As the market is volatile, Mutual fund advisors recommending investors to invest in large cap mutual funds for 2018. Large cap schemes as the name suggest investing majority of funds in stocks or company with large market capitalization. These companies may be a leader in their domain and relatively less volatile than small companies. Conservative investors can also invest their money in Large cap funds to accumulate the corpus for specific financial Goals like Retirement planning, Child education, Home purchase etc.
These Schemes are an ideal choice for those investors who don’t want to take as much risk on their Principal part but wanted to participate in Equity to create wealth over the long term without taking an extra risk or exposing their corpus to a lot of volatility.

If you have very little risk appetite and want to create wealth over the longer period, Large cap fund may be a good choice for your portfolio. But as we always suggest to investors, to align the investment with your Goal is the right strategy for any financial investment decision. So before selecting the funds always decide for which goal you are making an investment, and how much duration or time will be required to accumulate the corpus for the aligned Goal. If you require corpus say after 5 years or more then equity is the right choice. Otherwise, if you require an amount in short duration say 1 years or 2 years then always choose debt fund or safest investment avenues because, in short period of time, equity might be a volatile and can erode your capital too.

What are Large Cap Mutual Funds?

Large cap mutual funds are the type of equity where funds are invested in a large portion of companies with large market capitalization. These are essentially large companies with large businesses and big teams. Large cap stocks are commonly referred as blue-chip companies. Large cap mutual funds invest on those firms that have more possibility of showing year on year growth and profit which in turn also offers stability over a time. These stocks give steady returns over a period of time. These are well-established companies that have a stronghold in market shares and are usually considered as safe investment.

Large cap funds are considered as safe investment because they are less volatile as compared to small cap companies as the market fluctuates. Hence investors are keen to invest their funds in large cap funds even though share prices of the blue-chip companies are high.

Benefits of Large Cap Mutual Funds to invest in 2018

  • Large companies are well-established which means that they have more consistent income. That is why the greatest benefits that add up to large cap stocks is the stability they can provide.
  • Large cap funds are less volatile during the downturn in the market/ business, investors keen to invest in those funds which are less volatile compared to other equity funds.
  • As the investments in Large cap mutual funds are made in big firms/large companies, these funds tend to have low-risk.
  • In the long term, Large cap funds can give you better returns as compared to midcap/small cap funds.
  • Large cap funds can give you steady returns over a long term, so you can easily align the financial goals with these funds.

Who Should Invest in Large Cap Mutual Funds?

Investors who are looking for safer returns and capital appreciation on their invested amount can find large cap mutual funds to be an ideal option for the investment. Since Blue-chip companies are financially strong these funds tend to give stable returns over other equity funds. The returns on Large cap funds can be moderately low as compared to small cap companies but usually can give you stable & consistent returns.

When investors invest in these funds, the chances of their capital get eroded is very low as compared to other equity funds. Furthermore, Large cap funds can withstand the economic crisis and can recover faster. Thus, investors who are looking for moderate returns but with Low risk can consider Large cap funds as one of the safe investment avenues.




Methodology to select the Best Large Cap Mutual funds to invest in 2018

DIRECT FUND OPTION: – We have selected the direct option for investment, In Direct plan you can save at least 1% on cost on Fund Expense Ratio which in turn give you more lucrative returns in the long period of time, you can get 25% or more return in 10-15 years if you prefer to go with direct option.

BETA OF THE FUND: – We have selected the fund based on BETA of the fund. A beta of less than 1.0 indicates that the investment will be less volatile than the market, and, correspondingly, a beta of more than 1.0 indicates that the investment’s price will be more volatile than the market. For a conservative investor, it is always suitable to select the fund with less than 1 of BETA.

TRAILING RETURNS: – One criterion that I look when investing is the trailing return.  Trailing return is the return that the mutual fund has achieved over the specified time period, including both capital gains and dividend growth.

I like to use this as one of my criteria as it will show you how much money they have made and you can compare this to the other funds that are investing in the same category.

A trailing return looks backward from a particular date for a fund’s annualized return over a specific time period–usually ending on the last day of the most recent day, month, quarter, or year

ALPHA OF THE FUND: – Alpha, often considered the active return on an investment, gauges the performance of an investment against a market index or benchmark which is considered to represent the market’s movement as a whole. The excess return on an investment relative to the return of a benchmark index is the investment’s alpha.

EXPENSE-RATIO: – The expense ratio of a stock or asset fund is the total percentage of fund assets used for administrative, management, advertising, and all other expenses. An expense ratio of 1% per annum means that each year 1% of the fund’s total assets will be used to cover expenses

STANDARD DEVIATION: – Standard deviation (SD) measures the volatility the fund’s returns in relation to its average. It tells you how much the fund’s return can deviate from the historical mean return of the scheme. If a fund has a 12% average rate of return and a standard deviation of 4%, its return will range from 8-16%

SHARPE RATIO: – Sharpe Ratio measures how well the fund has performed vis-a-vis the risk is taken by it. It is the excess return over risk-free return (usually return from treasury bills or government securities) divided by the standard deviation. The higher the Sharpe Ratio, the better the fund has performed in proportion to the risk taken by it.

Basically, it is measuring excess return (over risk-free rate) per unit of risk. If Sharpe ratio is 1.25 p.a., then it implies 1.25%p.a. excess return for 1% annual volatility.

The greater a portfolio’s Sharpe Ratio, the better it’s risk-adjusted performance. A negative Sharpe Ratio indicates that a risk-less asset would perform better than the security being analyzed. This measurement is very useful to compare funds with similar returns or high returns, by analyzing the same in line with the risk taken.


As we have discussed which are those Best Large Cap Mutual funds to invest in 2018. Before selecting any funds as an investor, you should always consider the duration of the funds, for how much time you want to park your funds let say for 1-2 years then debt funds can be a good choice so that you could safeguard your principal amount. But if your horizon is for more than 5 years, then equity can give you inflation adjusted returns which you can align with your Financial Goals.

So, three important parameters need to consider before selecting any investment avenue

  • Duration of your investment
  • Risk Appetite for Investor
  • Purpose or Goal for investment- like Retirement savings, emergency funds, Home purchase, Child Education etc.

All the above-discussed Funds Which we have Outlined for Best large cap mutual funds to invest in 2018, carefully analyzed based on above mentioned different parameters.

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