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Most of us have read stories of Akbar and Birbal in our childhood, and even now, if you get an opportunity to read, certainly, you won’t deny. Each one of these tales not only brings joy in your life but also teach beautiful life lessons in a fun manner.

At times, these Akbar and Birbal Stories make readers understand the fundamentals of Money and investment. All of these stories can perfectly correlate the human behavior with investment and emphasize the common mistake that We usually do – We constantly chase for Higher Returns.

Here’s the story goes like this:-

Once Akbar, Birbal and all courtiers rode to a nearby forest and stopped under a tree to rest. Everyone fed peas to their horses when a monkey suddenly jumped off the tree and grabbed a handful of peas from the horse’s trough.
While climbing again on the tree, one pea slipped out of the monkey’s hand. In an effort to catch that one pea, he dropped all of the peas. Suddenly, Birbal started laughing, looking at this act. That’s when Akbar asked Birbal,’ What is so funny?’.Birbal replied, “Your majesty, sometimes men also act like this, in their greed, for one thing, they lose everything else.”

So, what lesson you learnt from this story: Investors consistently chase for higher returns, even if they’re getting good average returns on their investments, they always search for the investments which could multiply their wealth  multiple times, and that too in a short period, and invest in those risky asset class which may deplete their wealth.

So, the moral of the story is, invest in accordance with your risk appetite and don’t switch from one fund to another fund for the sake of higher returns.

Bear in mind, Consistency with a good fund what makes Money not the otherway around.

Hope you like it!

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